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I am a game programmer located in Montevideo, Uruguay. I’ve worked on games for PC, web and mobile platforms.

Employment History

Polyraptor Games, Montevideo, Uruguay (September 2015, June 2017)

Co-funded the company. Left because I decided I didn’t want to manage a company and wanted to focus on game development.

Lead programmer

  • Gameplay: Worked as lead programmer on the game Rumpus (steam)

  • Tools: Developed several tools for game development, among them an Aseprite animation importer, an input system for Unity and a localization system.


Golden Bite Games, Montevideo, Uruguay (Freelance 2016)

Gameplay programmer

  • Worked on an educational chess game for android tablets


Trojan Chicken, Montevideo Uruguay (Freelance 2016)

Gameplay programmer

  • Worked on an educational game that teaches people to use tablets


Batovi Games Studio, Montevideo, Uruguay (August 2015 - October 2015)

Worked there on a service project for Hyundai.

Gameplay programmer

  • Programmed the entirety of the gameplay for a game called Desafío Hyundai


UDeLaR, Montevideo, Uruguay (2010–2011).

Bachelor’s degree in physics (unfinished)

Escuela de Artes Visuales A+, Montevideo, Uruguay (2014-2015)

Career in video game development

Technical Experience

Gameplay oriented programming (AS3, C#, Unity, Python, Lua)

Basic web development (PHP, MySQL, Django)

Professional Shipped Titles

  • Desafío Hyundai (Windows, Linux 2015)

  • El cuco de las tablets (Android, 2016)

  • Runnedrez (Android 2016)

  • Rumpus (Steam 2017)